Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Saving Electricity...

Last October, we decided to change the water heater from electricity to gas type. According to the seller and what I (assumed) know of, we are going to save about 1/3 of the bills from the electricity used.

So we spent $1450 on the whole things. New gas water heater $300, 2 new shower heads + 1 water tap (mixer) for the kitchen sink for a total $350, and the installation costs $800.

A big spent, hoping to get a nice rewards in terms of longtime savings in the electricity bills.

But it doesn't turn out well. First month, instead of going down in the bills, it spiked. A bit higher than usual. I blamed it to the usage of air-conditioners (which I think maybe we used it a bit more than the other months)

But December came, it still doesn't show any changes. I am pissed. Something's wrong here. And I just found out the culprit. My mother in-law. Yeah, she used the gas water heater without knowing that she was using it all the time. How? you might ask.

Here's how. The water heater will on when you didn't turn the tap to the most right position (first mistake, believing what she told me that she knows how to use the tap). And she always on the tap to the max/ high pressure whenever she washes clothes, which makes the water out still cold even though the heater is on.

What a waste of money...

Now, I have shown her how to 'operate' the tap properly and hopefully the bills will go down.

Remember friends, if you are changing any water heater from electricity to gas or whatever upgrade you make to save electricity, just make sure everybody in your house knows how to do the things right... Otherwise you just ended up paying more instead of less. (in my case, we assumed my inlaw knew how, and we, I mean I, had a passive aggresive attitude here)

But to be honest, although without my inlaw problem above I don't think I save a lot. Just for information the electric water heater consumption is 2300 Kw/h and compared to the gas water heater consumption is 8000 Kw/h. I am wondering why people always said gas heater is paying lesser bill.

Any thoughts??

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