Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, new shoe storage..

I have this shoe storage from IKEA the beginning of 2010 (when I first bought my house). And I have done quite a few changes to it. Start from painting it white... then put chevron white, yellow and blue striped on it...

But after a few months of neglection and all sort of things, it didn't stay pretty as I wanted too. And painting it again will take too much time and hassle for me. So I ended up with a quick and cheap fix.

 Using gift wrappers and clear plastics to cover the top of the shoe storage. It took half hour for me to do it and I know it won't last long but it really elevated the mood that I had at that moment (Christmas mood). I did this in November.

So now fast forward a month later, I am ready to change it again.
Before photo :

 as I expected  you can see the discolorations of the wrapper due to sun and rain.

After changing the wrapper:

 and the final result :

 Aaah.. neat and tidy.

Surely a good way to welcome the new year with a good nice looking entrance. Very neat indeed!
Even my daughter loves it.

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