Friday, February 26, 2016

Rainbow Cakes Attempt

We just celebrated my daughter's birthday last week and she asked for a rainbow cake for her birthday this time round. Well to be exact, she asked for my little pony rainbow cake. I promised her I will bake the cake for her but I know my limit (I cannot do the little pony part) so I decided a rainbow cake will do :P

I've tried making a black forest cake and cheesecake before, but never a rainbow cake. So to make sure I make it right, I practice first. For my first attempt, I used recipe that I saw online. Youtube to be exact.
Here's the link
And here's my cake...

(I can't find the original photo :( so I took this from my instagram)

I supposed the star shaped rainbow marshmellows really helped in making the cake looks really fabulous hehe...
But taste wise, it was very very very sweet... . Like eating sugar... :( So not really a success here.

My 2nd attempt....
This time round I choose rainbow sprinklers to decorate the cake. Recipe wise, well I use cake mix for a shortcut. Baking time was lesser in half from the first time round. Taste wise, it is better than the first one, although I think could be much better off :).
 the tools...
 the cake mix and 3 pans... 
  the batter..
almost done... 
 decorating time 

 let's cut the cake!
the picture I post on my instagram (with some color enhancement :P )

So, for the 3rd time round, which was the real birthday cake... please stay tuned... :)

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