Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chloe's 1mths celebration!

Today Chloe is 1 month old and we are celebrating it with my families and friends. Here are some photos of the occasions.I made the 'thank you gift' and also the blackforest cake the day before :)
We are having a good day! Thank You God for giving us Chloe! She is so sweet.Some of Chloe's gifts..I still remember that not so long ago I was praying for baby... and for almost 2 years I kept waiting and waiting..... finally... God, You answered me in the perfect timing. (Xinlong finished his studies and just start working) and

You give me this sweet little angel -Chloe-.
I am very blessed.

Wish you all the good things in life dear Chloe. Mom and Dad love you so much! :)