Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY - Photo with nice borders

How to create nice photo frames ?
Firstly, have a frame, simple one will do.  
Then use a nice pictures as the borders background. Mine I used this brochure from Crabtree and Evelyn as the background.
 Lastly, select a nice photo of you and your loved ones.
The results.. so lovely.
Nice addition to my photo gallery

Friday, October 19, 2012

I am sorry sis..

I argued with you the other day. I threw sarcastic and hurtful comments to you instead of encouraging you. I am a bad sister..

I am stubborn, and always thought I was the only one whose got bad days.
Yes, I have a husband, a job, a house and most of all I have beautiful Chloe.
But somehow, in one of those tiring and routine days I had, I keep comparing my life with yours.

I envy you at some points.
You have wonderful husband, lots of friends, don't have to work (by choice) and get to see our parents everyday.
You have so many things that I don't...(which of course not all makes us more happy)
but on the other hand I have forgotten that you don't have what you treasure more... A child.
You keep on trying and still haven't got it.

I am sorry sis :(
Truly sorry
Not because you can't have a child. But I am trully sorry for the things I have said to you.
I pray for you.. 
God help my sis.

Love you, sis

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dome Cafe

My hubby, me and Chloe
testing the coffee..
Lately my hubby complained about coffee. As in he run out of place to have a good coffee. He told me the usual place like coffeeshop and the like doesn't have a good standard of coffee (he has up the standard level I think?) So last weekend we went to this place at Dempsey Hill and try out their coffee. Not too bad he said, considering the price is cheaper than Starbucks but taste better. My Chloe agreed with him. Hehe