Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello again

So sorry I abandoned this blog for so long. To write my past few months daily life would be a challenge but anyways... here I am.
Starting over again.
Picking up where I had left
I am back to writing my diary again. here.
Firstly, I have an account on Carousell - an app which allow all of us here in Singapore to buy, sell or trade anything that we have. Go join us at Carousell! and support me also haha.
2. I will be going to Italy for company trip in December for 8 days. Yay!. But..... - I will go alone.without my family. sob sob.
3. I am still working full time, juggling with my time as a career woman, a mother and a wife. It is hard. but I pace it day by day. God help me.
4. My house still in a mess, disorganized and need parttime helper.
5. I am contemplating of quitting my fulltime job to be a fulltime mother with some side job...
6. My husband is currently unemployed...
7. My Chloe keeps talking and talking that sometimes I just said ok to make her stop questioning me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update on maid

I employed maid on 13th February. My birthday. And the maid lasted only 1 month. She cannot work well with my inlaw. Many problems occured. I just feel very exhausted with my feelings nowadays. On one hand, I want to believe on what the maid reported to me but on the other hand, it means I'm not believing what my inlaws tell me.

Maybe all of this happened for a good reasons. I am just hoping all works for the better future.
God, if You understand what I'm dealing with, please lead me to have understanding of Your way in my life. Feels very alone in this journey.

But overall, I feel grateful for the short moments when the maid is around. I feel we accomplished some things... like :
- celebrate Chloe's 3rd Birthday at her preschool
- having a quality time with my Chloe (play water in our inflatable pool in the living room)
- Chloe had an outdoor activities every other day (such as, cycling to the park or walking to the neigbour's garden)
- have report on what has been done the whole day with Chloe (from my maid)
- clean car
- fresh and clean bedsheet every week
- ironed clothes
- a person to talk and share with.

Hope next maid will be better than this one. (still contemplating of taking another one for now)

Happy day everyone!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update news! Chloe and her preschool

Apparently, she went out of her school the other day unnoticed by her teachers. Which is a bad thing for a preschool. How can a child be let out of school without supervision ? I have no idea how it happened. Luckily, there was this one nice maid who brought her back to the school and report the incident.This happened on the 2nd week of her school.
We had a meeting with the principal and the teachers the next day and make sure this won't happen again. We will give 2nd chance for the preschool to prove to us that they are as reputable as what they claimed all these years. Will keep you all updated about her preschool every now and then.:)

I believe God is watching after my Chloe and my family.
Thank you God for Your protection. Amen

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diaper cake no.3

 This one is for our tenant's baby girl. Such a sweet cake' for a sweet baby girl. :P

Love it.
Have a nice day everyone! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chloe's First few Days in her PreSchool

Chloe started going to preschool on 13th January. We as parents had alot of worries over 'what ifs'. It turned out that its not as bad as we think it will (God's help of course).
We take bus everyday together in the morning and her grandma will fetch her home in the afternoon.
She kinda liked it.
Although there are times where she prefers to be playing alone by the class but most of the time she is having fun with all her new friends.
She makes me proud by not crying or throw tantrums from the third day onwards.
Just hoping tomorrow and the next day and so on will be just as great as today.

Love you, Chloe :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I find on pinterest today...

and I hope I can make it as well.

Will definitely post and link back to here if I really make it. haha

Have a nice day, everyone! :P

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

I am very grateful that I went through the year 2013 with not so many glitch and less confrontations/ arguments with my inlaws. So yeah, it is pretty smooth year for me I think. haha. Well, if you are staying with your inlaws (whether you in their house or they're in yours) you will know what I mean and how I feel.
I am also feeling so blessed with my job, and my husband- who found a better job than the previous year (and help us tremendeously on our financial side), and with all the relationship with each of our family members. Thank You God for all that.

Next, for the year 2014 resolutions... here are some of them :
1. Good relationship with my families and friends
2. Work out to eliminate my tummy's fat. Ha!
3. Go church more often if not every week.. Help me God
4. Work more efficiently and more productive...errr or at least try to
5. Blog more often... yes definitely...will try to. haha

So for everyone who read my blog, here a glimpse of my first day of 2014 :)

afternoon at the Bugis temple. crowded.
Chloe as usual is waiting with her water bottle.
at home - me and Chloe. who sit on my back, while watching youtube on her Ipad.
 Yeah, I smiled while taking this weird position pictures.

finally asleep at 6.30pm after missing her nap today. Hope it last till tomorrow. which seldom not.
and last words for my first blog post in this year...

Happy New Year 2014 to all of you... and your family as well. May Peace, love and Joy will always be a part of your life. :)