Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Just happen that I was planning to get a new phone for the past few weeks and my choice is Iphone 5.
So last Saturday we (my hubby, I and Chloe) went to nearby mall and hubby told the Starhub customer service that he intended to recontract his phoneline and get the Iphone for me. To his surprise he was told that he cannot recontract because he already recontract earlier before. My husband knew for sure that he can recontract and was never turned down before. This made my husband so pissed off. He then called the hotline and told that he can actually  recontract but only tomorrow (which is fine for me of course). So we went home empty handed.

The next day, we went to the same Starhub branch (it is near our house) but greeted with different person at the customer sevice. And it was a very pleasant one with a little question asked. We queue for 30 minutes and was attended quite professionally. We were about to sign the contract when the guy attending us said that due to celebrating Mother's Day, Starhub is giving a $50 dollar off for purchase of Iphone 5 on this day only and another gift certificate to dine at the Restaurant of our choice (there were these lists of restaurants for us to choose). We were so happy with this surprise because even without the discount and all that I will still want the phone.

So I guess the incident the day before was a blessing in disguise. From God. Because no matter how we put it, there is no way we can come out with the perfect timing to get the phone. And I purchased the casing straight away that day. The tag said it was member price $29.90. And I feel it is quite good. So we went to cashier to pay and end up we only have to pay $16.00 ( got another further discount). What a beautiful day it is for me. To struck not only one deal but 2 at the same day. I feel very blessed.

Well, this is how I spend my day on Mother's day.
I am not the type who will be fussy over this kind of day. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day.. all look the same to me. Just another day. And I was raised like that. In fact, I grown up not knowing have this kind of day (haha.. blame my parents for being so ignorant then). So I did not expect anything other than just to spend my weekend with my family.
Thank you God.. for making this Mother's Day so special.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who celebrate!

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