Monday, May 6, 2013

Splurging on games

Last week we were bored.. of our mundane lives..
sort of..
So my hubby suggested to buy CD games (the PC one) so that we can have some entertainment at home. But in the end we went home with this..

It is an impulsive buying I tell you. We do not have any intention to buy it in the first place.
But then we went to this mall (Funan IT Mall) and met the salesperson and got 'psychoed' there while watching this grown up guy (30+) doing his dance move following the games instructions... the song was 'Ice.. ice.... baby...' And then we were like "What the heck is he doing?" He is not even a promoter of Xbox. Well... he is an Xbox addict I guess. lol
So then I dunno why or how or when but somehow the idea of having this Xbox thing is becoming not so bad at all.

So we came home with this 'baby' and had since tried some of the games. and even have an hour fitness session together with hubby and our goddaughter.
So far so good I think. till the bill come... later...we are all happy. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

psst,  it costs $549 with all the free games added.
O.M.Gosh. Most expensive games I ever bought. $$$.

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