Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Care for myself

I read this blog - Lovely Lue the other day, and I was so called getting my 'enlightment' on things that I never care before. My skin (beauty). Not that I am beautiful in a supermodel kind of standart, I am far from that. But by reading that blog I somehow understand that God makes me beautiful as who I am and I should do something to appreciate it.. by taking care of it. So I make a decision to treat myself better now and give absolutely the best (or better) for myself because I am worth it and I am blessed to have what I have now.
So what I do first thing is... getting a nice haircut. Because it is almost 1 year+ ago the last time I did and got a cheap 10dollar cut.
After :)

Now I feel much better already with my new haircut.

Next thing...  do routine skin care (especially face).
my first set of skincare product from Skinfood

For my entire life I never dedicated myself to do this kind of skincare routine day and night so when I read the above blog (which is written by professional makeup artist who is passionate about it) I am ashamed to say that I have neglected the basic care of my skin. Fortunately for me the damage is not so great ( as far as I know.. *fingercrossed*) I only have several dark spot and abit wrinkles here and there due to age and sun.. I think. :)
Well... I am starting anew now by buying a set of skincare product (for my face) and slowly but surely I will try to care for the whole entire part of my body. No more $10 products. I promise myself. Haha.
Thank You God for your blessings in my life.

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