Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY - Diaper Cake

My husband's cousin is having a new addition to his family... a baby boy. And we were invited to their baby's 1st month celebration. I am so happy to hear the news and want to make something for him instead of buying it straight from the shelf. I decided to make a diaper cake. It is my first attempt
so excuse me for any lack of experience here. haha
But I give 100% of my effort to make it look 'gorgeous' :)
So here it is..
1st attempt

I don't really like the big candy on top of the cake. so I switch it to something more subtle...

Dog! haha. I just google it to get the image of the dog that I wanted and...


Supplies needed :
2 packs of diapers (size : S) $32
3 sets of socks (size : S) $10
2 sets of bibs, mittens and booties - $10
2 small towels $5
3 washcloths  $5
baby blue and textured ribbons for decorations - free
felt - red and light brown and dark brown color - $5

Total : $62
Yay! I score under $100 for this. For comparison, here what it cost if you buy at this onlineshop


Now I can't wait to go and meet  their baby.
Happy day everyone! :)

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