Monday, March 14, 2016

Onesies Cupcakes - DIY

My sister's friend is having a baby girl, and my sister would like to give her something special. With a budget of $20-$25 dollars, you probably end up with something quite ordinary... like the picture below.
So, I have an idea. With some tools, time and help from my best buddies, Pinterest and Youtube, I finally able to make the gift to look lovely and a little bit unique. I know some of you might think I can just buy it at the gift shop but of course it would cost way more than $25 dollars. Anyway, who doesn't love something DIY...:P

Here are samples of video/blog/pinterest that I browse online on how to make onesies cupcakes :

So all you need to make this is some cupcake wrappers/liners, cupcake box (in my case I made it out myself by using the original box of the gift set that my sis bought), scissors and onesies/ baby bibs/ hand towels/ baby socks.

Below are how my onesies cupcakes turn out...

As you see here, I made the cupcake box by myself using some clear sheet and the original box of the onesies gift set that I measured and cut accordingly to fit my cupcakes.
Put some little bows to make it lovelier...
What do you think? Much nicer than the previous one in the rectangle box right? hehe
By the way, don't forget to put in some cards to pen down your wishes for the baby.. :) 

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