Sunday, March 13, 2016

Passport Photo Attempt

My husband reminded me a few weeks ago to extend Chloe's passport. So, I was thinking to get her passport photo taken by myself. It should be easy right? White wall for the background, a nice tidy hair, decent outfit and a chair for Chloe to sit. An Iphone and a few clicks away... that's it.
The photo will be ready to be submitted via online application.

But turn out, it is not as easy as I thought.

Here they are....
 So what do you think? Any photo that you think can be used for her passport? 

In the end I gave up trying to figure out which one is good enough to be sent and so I went to ICA the next day with Chloe, waited for 2 hours for the whole process and got it done. 

Maybe I'll give it a try 5 years later. Wish me luck :)

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