Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My job updates

This year has a lot of things that was unexpected in my job situation. My previous updates were this post and this.

I know it sounds very promising, but turned out it was just an ideal situation I was hoping for (sort of too good to be true). So I was supposedly to start my new job on Feb 15th, but it was pushed back to March 15th and again to April 4th. And my so called part time job (supposedly to keep me busy till my new job start on Feb 15th), that didn't work either. That is sucks. I can't do anything about it.

I tried looking for other job but the job market seem to slowdown and all I heard were more and more of retrenchment and paycuts. That was not good at all. I keep praying to God and hope that this is what was meant to be from the beginning. I know I can only wait and see what's His plan as there's nothing I can do about this situation. I am really on His mercy now.

Last year, I thought all that I wanted was to be able to stay at home and spend more time with my daughter. But this past few months made me realized otherwise. I love spending time with Chloe, but I also like to be able to go to work and earn my own money. My dissatisfaction in my previous job and the feeling of unappreciated by my boss were the ones that made me quit my job and its nothing to do with my desire to stay at home at all. God really knows what is best for me and He uses this situation to make me realize what I really want in my life.

Now, I just take in one day at a time and be grateful of what that I have now in my life. I will rest and put all my trust in Him and let Him do the work. Thank You, Lord. Can't wait to see what's in store for me.

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