Monday, November 4, 2013

Chloe was hospitalised..

and so I spent my weekend in the hospital with her. She was so demanding and threw her best tantrum of the year. I was so exhausted that the situation made me realised that my everyday routine is much easier compared to the one day I spent with her in hospital.
Yes, she is my joy and my precious daughter. I love her and no matter how hard my day is.. I still love her so very much.
She was sick and she needs me more than anything.
She hugged me and clinged to me to sleep.
I guess when I post 'Lord help me' the day before.. God really helped me
to realise that all is well and I just need another revelation from Him to understand that He has done all the best for me.
So thank you Lord. for giving me the revelation.
My days are easy because He has protected us from all sicknesses and keeping us all healthy all year long.
I am thankful because of that.
Thank You Lord.
And as I post this, my Chloe has been better and back to her normal energetic girl that I know of.

Happy day everyone!

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