Thursday, October 31, 2013

My thoughts

Last night Chloe was sleepless. Tired with her blocked nose.. and neverending cough.
I also cannot sleep well. I hope she is getting well soon... but it seems the cough getting from bad to worse.
This afternoon, Xinlong bring her to see doctor one more time. and to get her nebulised and x-rayed.

I hate it. I hate this moment when I am working (in office) and cant help but thinking about how it will be better if I have the time to clean my house more often, clean our bedroom more, tidy it all, and all that sort of things which might help in keeping my Chloe healthy.

Truth is, the more I do, the more it get messed. Just like that. It only last 10minutes.. or less than that.
I am exhausted. Sometimes I feel I am alone in this journey of parenting... or mothering. Everyone seems getting it right.

Lord help me please.