Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Year of His Restoration

That is what my church's message for this year. And I've been trying to understand and get the message for myself.
A bit of background story here... I don't like my job, I dislike it. I complained almost everyday about it. So when the church said about restoration, well.. I believe God will do something about my job. January.. nothing happened. February ... I took action by giving resignation letter to my manager. There's a discussion and made me feel I have to stay a few more months to see changes in my workplace. March, April and May still nothing happened. And so I quit. June, July passed by. I took my time sorting my mind and decided to go back to find another job. August came with a new environment of job. I thought this is it. It will be my workplace for a few more years before I decided to retire. But turn out I also felt not right. So I quit less than 3 months later. All the above was my way to get what I want. My own effort.

That is when God turn up and show me the way. I dont have to do anything to get an offer, I just have to rest in Him. I got a message from my previous colleague whether I still interested working with her. I was very excited. This company is the one that I always talked about with my husband. Its location is within 10 minutes bus ride, it is a multinational company ( headquarter is in US ) with very good working hour. I always pray to God hoping I can get into the company again.

And now I was halfway there. Interview will be this coming Thursday. God is good. He is really good. He knows what is the best for me. Thank you God.

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