Sunday, August 5, 2012

Splurge time!

We were on splurge mode this weekend. Started with the dinner with Xinlong's poly classmates at Pepperoni Pizzeria, Greenwood Avenue.. where we spent at least $20+ per person and followed by coffee/ teabreak for supper at Cedele, Rail Mall (another $10dollar).
My friend's hand is there for comparison of how big the pizza is! (20")
Then move on to Sunday, we went to Bugis library, had a decent lunch at nearby coffeeshop and spent the rest of the day eating crabs for our dinner at Ang Mo Kio Blk 232. Lucky we came at 4.30pm because half an hour later there were long queues for the walk-ins. We order bee hoon crab, butter crab & chilli crab. Total spent $200++. Also quite fortunate for us to have inlaws who are considerate and willing to pay their portions instead of just us paying.
Well our stomachs are full but our pockets are empty. Time to save again starting next week!
Have a nice day everyone!

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