Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update on maid

I employed maid on 13th February. My birthday. And the maid lasted only 1 month. She cannot work well with my inlaw. Many problems occured. I just feel very exhausted with my feelings nowadays. On one hand, I want to believe on what the maid reported to me but on the other hand, it means I'm not believing what my inlaws tell me.

Maybe all of this happened for a good reasons. I am just hoping all works for the better future.
God, if You understand what I'm dealing with, please lead me to have understanding of Your way in my life. Feels very alone in this journey.

But overall, I feel grateful for the short moments when the maid is around. I feel we accomplished some things... like :
- celebrate Chloe's 3rd Birthday at her preschool
- having a quality time with my Chloe (play water in our inflatable pool in the living room)
- Chloe had an outdoor activities every other day (such as, cycling to the park or walking to the neigbour's garden)
- have report on what has been done the whole day with Chloe (from my maid)
- clean car
- fresh and clean bedsheet every week
- ironed clothes
- a person to talk and share with.

Hope next maid will be better than this one. (still contemplating of taking another one for now)

Happy day everyone!

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