Monday, July 1, 2013

Melaka Trip 2013.06.29

So we got the chance to go for a short getaway trip to Melaka last week. And because hubby is officially unemployed (by choice) so he got plenty of time to plan where we're heading to in Melaka. We started with packing up some clothes and all necessary stuff the day before. I don't have the picture of that stuff but we have this. Yeah. that one you surely have to bring along. lol

So on Saturday morning 7am, we packed up and drove. Before crossing the custom we made a quick drive thru McDonalds and grabbed some meals. 3 hours later, we reached our hotel and start wandering around to have a late breakfast. Our first stop is this famous noodles. Not sure why it is so famous (alot of recommendations from other blogger, and they said that this place is good) and I think it is a bit overrated. though its quite a good meal for that kind of price :)

Next, is the roadside ice chendol. We were quite early as in no queue yet when we arrived but 15 minutes later, there were quite a number of people queueing for this ice chendol. It only open for 2 hours in a day. Quite good business I think hehe.

We managed to take a picture with a rambutan tree beside the stall.
Typical Singaporean (always take picture with something they don't see back at home lol)

After ice chendol, we move on to another dessert, coconut shake.

It is also by the roadside.
And of course, must take pictures with a bunch of

By now, we had full stomach and quite tired. so we check-in to our hotel. The Baba House. Have a few hour rest before we continued our sight seeing. We took some pictures of the details of the hotel.

traditional baba and nyonya house

Dinner we went to this place called Capitol Satay.

It is a unique kind of feast where we have all kind of meats sticked up (it is called satay) and dipped in chillied peanut sauce (kind of thing). Well, I'm not good at describing foods but here some photos (from google) to desribe it better.
It is quite nice meal but for an hour long queue that we took before enjoying the food, I will say I won't come again next time. Just not worth the effort.
Honestly, I dont even remember what we ate that day at this place (thank God for photos and google). Haha

Move on, to Jongker Street we go. Find so many interesting arts and crafts, and alot of nice and good food also.

This one is paper crafts. This one beats all the papercrafts I've seen on other people's blogs. Hehe.

Keychains and some stuffs made of aluminium or silver wires
Fridge magnets. Melaka is well-known for its clogs (sandal made from wood). I know it as 'bakiak' (Indonesian language) :)

then.. have some drinks at nearby cafe.
Then we went back to our hotel to rest.

Breakfast, the next day.

Sight seeing.

This one is Casa del Rio Hotel. 

This was actually the hotel that we plan to book but its full for that particular weekend.. so maybe next time round then. :)
By 11am we drove and make a last stop at this Baba Charlie, a place where they sell nyonya cake. It is actually a house and not a shop.
And they were selling the kueh in their garage and displayed them in their 'living room' for us to choose and buy. 

Sounds awkward but its true. And I tell you, you have to try their ondeh ondeh. Its a green ballish kind of kueh with gula melaka inside and covered with grated coconut. It is so delicious! Trust me. Here is their blog.

After that we went for another 4 hour drive home to Singapore.
Tired but happy. :)
Thank You God for the good trip to Melaka.

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