Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year end road trip to Penang

Nearing the end of December, I had such a great holiday with our friends. We got to spent our New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Penang, Malaysia.

On 29th Dec,6am
We (my hubby, I and Chloe) start our trip from Singapore to JB, drove our car and park it at our friend's house as we will only go in one car instead of convoying :). We (and 4 of our friends) set for our first destination : breakfast at Yong Peng.

Lunch at Sekinchan

and sight seeing - paddy field
the rice factory
After another 4 hour we arrived at Ipoh and stayed 1 night at this 'famous' inn Sekeping -Kong Heng.
Ipoh - old town


in front of Sekeping - Kong Heng

After that, we had dinner together and got some rest. With our Chloe in tow we just relaxed in our room instead of go walked around town with them. 

dinner together with friends

The next morning, we spent by having breakfast at 4 different locations in Ipoh.
nice old town coffee at Ipoh and laksa
This trip a bit more of gourmet holiday trip because we always look for nice place to eat hehe.

We saw so many caves while driving towards Ipoh town and we managed to make a short stop by at one of the 'caves' while we were there.

amazing sculpture by nature

Next, we went to  Taiping Lake for a nice photo shoot together. 

We stopped by for lunch at Nibong Tebal.

Great seafood and reasonable price
By afternoon we arrived in Penang by ferry and straight went to hotel at Sekeping-Victoria.
This place is awesome.
Although safety is another issue here (steep staircase with no railing! and bay window with no grills for safety! weks) because I had Chloe so we kind of very cautious when we were in the room (just to make sure, the door is always locked and windows shut when Chloe is in the room)

Then we met our other friends who is from Penang so he guided us through some of the famous places in town.
morning walk in Penang

Strolling at Gurney Road

Have dinner at 2 different locations and by end of the day we are full... with food and happy memories :).
At 10pm they decided to have a drink and walk around the town but since Chloe was tired, we decided not to join them.

The next day, we went to the biggest temple in Penang called Kek Lok Si.

Had great time climbing all the stairs with Chloe in my hand. Had a nice assam penang laksa and some rojak. Then we drove around to buy some nice biscuits to bring home. Another place we visited is Blue Mansion. A very old building and World's Heritage Site. Spent our afternoon there before going back to our hotel which is in another location. Ryokan Hostel.
Dinner was at Pavillion Mall.
The next day is 1st January - New Year day. We had breakfast at the hostel in the morning. So happen that they had an event of big walk in town so there were lots of people on the street that morning. We continue our day by walking around nearby our hotel finding some mural paintings that's uniquely Penang style.
Took some photos of them. and set off to go back home to Singapore.
This time we went straight to Kuala Lumpur for nice lunch at this Japanese Restaurant - Starhill galley. And reach our friend's house at Kempas by 8pm.

Overall, on this holiday gathering we had such  a wonderful time. Our friend drove us for about at least 6-7 hour a day (we stopped by at a few places like Ipoh, Tai Ping, and Sekinchan to have a break from long driving) so the whole journey actually was spent on the road hehe. But that's the best part of road trip right? We have a good laugh together. Well, words can't say much of the happening time. So here are some pictures of our memories together :

Good year starts with good friends and memories :)

Happy New Year 2013!

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