Thursday, December 13, 2012

New halterneck dress for Chloe.

I am so glad I can finish the new dress for Chloe. I did a similar one before (didn't take any photos of the process) with cotton fabrics.. and it looks very vibrant and colorful when Chloe wears it.
So this time I use satin fabric.
I love how it turns out. :)  Tada. Chloe in her new dress. :)

I'm not sure if you all want to follow my way of sewing as in most of the time it is try and error kind of things, so if you are beginner just like me -with records of 1 out of 3 dress is successful most of the time :) - and want to know how I did it, here it is  :

- firstly, of course have a fabric and some thin fabric for the lining inside.

- then make a pattern. Take any dress she own and trace the outline. Any pattern that looks similar like this will do (as I said it is try and error so I dont use any measurement hehe). As long as you give about 1cm bigger than the dress itself it should be fine.
- then fold your fabrics and cut it following the pattern. Make it 2x
- and do the same with the lining fabrics (its white for this dress)

- next, sew it together and remember you have to sew on the false side so when you flipped it out you'll get the right side done nicely. (hope pictures explain it better :))
- and sew them together until it looks like this. (sorry, I dont know how to explain better hehe:)

- next, make the collar part ( I forgot to take picture when making the leopard halterneck dress so I give you the picture of the polkadot dress)

- last one is the tricky part..Since my fabric is satin, it is kinda slippery and I feel its better to use hand to stitch the collar to the dress.
- well not so good with my stitching but as long as it holds on firmly and doesn't compromise with comfort I'm fine with it. (not for sale so abit 'messy' is fine with me haha)

- Finally... the result. 

What you think guys? err ... ladies ? :)
note : this tutorial is for beginner only, any expertise please excuse my way of sewing :) I promise I'll do better next time round.

Happy sewing everyone!

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