Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As much as I love my inlaws...

I also have this feeling of being taking for granted or even worse... being taking advantage of. :(
I'm sad.
I've been living under the same roof with them all for almost 5 years, yet I still get hurt or having these kind of feelings.
Why I have this kind of negative feeling? Why I can't be just like other normal people who loves their families without holding back or expecting any returns (in terms of love, respect and sort of things).
And these feelings are always there... inside me.
Well...right now I'm just praying for the best..
For my mum inlaw - to be more wise with everything she says..  or does.
For my sis inlaw - to be able to get a job that suits her so she would be able to live on her own,
For my brother inlaw & his family - for them to be able to move out of our house and be independent on their own.
And for myself...
I pray Lord... for a peaceful mind and grateful heart
as I've been short of patience and feel bitterness inside me.
Bless our family O Lord... once more. and not let us drown in unhappiness.

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