Sunday, April 29, 2012

It is Sunday...

and we have been going to so many a day.

9am - drive mum in law, brother in law and his wife to temple to pray (at Jurong East),
9.30am - collect rent money at Bt. Panjang with Xl's grandpa,
10.30am - breakfast at Clementi Mall, do some banking, checking accounts, and buy groceries
1pm - go home, Chloe and me take a nap, Xl study for CPA exam,
5pm - go to Suntec for church.
10pm - supper at Mcdonald's West Coast Park.

Today we spent $240 on Chloe's diapers and milk powder and $30dollar on my new clothes:P

Conclusion : very exhausting weekend but happy :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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