Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Month of sickness

May this year, is confirm the month of sickness in my family.
First, my husband got cough. Then he saw doctor. Got medicine. Finished it. But still sick, so he went back to the doctor again.
Repeat the above 5 times. Total : 6x see doctor. Lucky he can claim to his office.
Finally he tried other method : birdnest. ($60 dollar birdnest to be exact) and drink it twice. The next day he's feeling much better. Lesson learned : Doctors not always right!
Then mid of month, Chloe got stomach flu. A mild one, but we went to see the pediatrician twice
Then start last Thursday, I got flu and sore throat. Haven't see a doctor yet. I am sick of seeing doctors. Hopefully I can get better without seeing one... God bless me!

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